Unique Interactive Art by Perry Faanes

About the Artist

perry_000Perry Faanes grew up in Laguna Beach, enjoying the beach “lifestyle”, later becoming a competitive surfer. In high school, he became the first person to win the California Interscholastic Federation’s high school event. Perry has traveled the world while surfing Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil and Hawaii.

faanes_airLiving the life of a surfer led him to working in the surf industry repairing surfboards, where he began creating waves from left-over resin. Over time, the waves became art, and the surfer has become “the sculpter”. No one else has ever created such art, which makes it possible for anyone to be “in the barrel” or to “get tubed”, by just looking through the viewer in Perry’s “Glass Barrels”.

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  1. Hey dude…great to see you’ve upgraded your web site. I have just recommended you for the MPISCC installation for June this year. The incoming president wants a Tommy Bahama Beach Party and I am on the installation committee so I’m pimpin’ you Bro’!!!

    Hope all is well…I’ll let you know what’s up but this is an organization of about 950 members in SoCal…good pub for you my friend so I’ll keep you updated.

    Take care Perry…hope all is well.

    Party Pals

  2. Static, but not. It moves the mind, in the mind.
    Thank you for a piece that conjures tubes of past. Truly, fine art.
    Time for a Todos Santos Edition 😉


  3. Hey Perry,

    I like the mini tube viewfinder thing. I can pretend I am getting barrelled while I am working in my boring office cube in Irvine.


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