Unique Interactive Art by Perry Faanes

Event Trophies

Custom orders are available. We’ve made some unreal ones on rocks and glass tile. Ask us about featuring your company or contest logo laminate into the wave sculpture itself.

pipeproJamie O’Brien hoists Perry’s Sculpted Trophy at last year’s 2004 Pipeline Masters in Hawaii.

lukasik_win_owensPerry has also created the trophies for two back to back Boost Mobile Pro Contests, the 2005 Rip Curl Grom Search among many other local and international events.

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  1. sick products…i’ve been working on a resin wave paperweight idea this week and was told about your work, so i thought i’d take a look. really cool stuff! seems we think along the same line…keep up the good work. -p.

  2. Bob Krause Mar 25th 2009

    Please call me for some awards for this saturday. I need 12 and have $25. Can you do something in that budget for me? I have one of your pieces in my office and love it.

    Check out the site for the awards. its this weekend.


    Call me. 619-980-8516

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